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Chris Swan is an amazing musician and great human being overall. Even though he’s well-versed in a variety of musical styles, it’s his inspirational hip-hop that really shines. The way he has transformed his personal struggles into music that helps people get through difficult times is awe-inspiring. Motivate your soul with his music and message!
— Bob Baker (Author Of Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook)


Chris Swan

Chris Swan is a recording artist from St. Louis MO who offers inspirational hip-hop with a message of recovery and hope.  He is also the founder of Soul Motivation Records.  

Swan has struggled with addiction his whole life, mainly to food and alcohol.  He lived a life of misery, feeling stuck in his job as a piano entertainer.  He had stopped creating his own music and was just playing other people’s music for money.  This, plus a whole lot of childhood baggage, led to him indulging in every addiction he could find just trying to find a little happiness.  Weighing over 500 pounds, he found himself in the ER one night and knew he had to make a change.  This began Swan’s path to recovery and led him to rediscover his purpose in life – to create music that will inspire and encourage others!  

That is when Soul Motivation Records was born.

“I want to inspire others and to build a community around music and hope.  No matter how bad it gets, there is always hope.  I am walking proof!  I think music is so powerful how it can affect us on a deep level.  My mission is to use music to help people who are experiencing pain overcome their obstacles, to show them that they are not alone and that they are meant to be healthy and successful!” says Swan.

Swan is releasing a new single every month on his website (chrisswanhiphop.com) and released his latest album “Welcome To The Fellowship” in the fall of 2018.




Chris Swan
Chris Swan
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Somehow he manages to be honest and revealing and still makes us comfortable.
— Dave Siegel (Board Of Directors University City Symphony Orchestra)
The most dominant local presence and Local Album Of 2018 goes to Soul Motivation Records’ Chris Swan - “Welcome To The Fellowship!”
— DJ Wil Wander (Host of Elevated Rhymestate on KDHX)

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Address: PO Box 179125, St. Louis MO 63117
Chris Swan Website: https://chrisswanhiphop.com
Soul Motivation Records Website: https://soulmotivationrecords.com